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In my view, the philosophical and scientific studies of consciousness have much to learn from one another. My work focuses on forging connections between the two, using philosophical methods to further empirical research into consciousness, and empirical data to confirm or disconfirm philosophical theories of consciousness.

"An embarrassment of richnesses: The PFC's not the content NCC," Neuroscience of Consciousness (2024).

"A new low: Reassessing (and revising) the local recurrency theory of consciousness,British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, (2023).

"A legion of lesions: The neuroscientific rout of the higher-order thought theory of consciousness," Erkenntnis (2023).

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"Consciousness and mental causation: Contemporary empirical cases for epiphenomenalism," Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Consciousness (2020)


"Gorillas in the missed (but not the unseen): Reevaluating the evidence for attention being necessary for consciousness," Mind and Language (2018)


"No pain, no gain (in Darwinian fitness): A representational account of affective experience," Erkenntnis (2018)


"Dislocation, not dissociation: The neuroanatomical argument against visual consciousness driving motor action," Mind and Language (2015)


"The received method for ruling out brain areas from being NCC undermines itself," Journal of Consciousness Studies (2015)


"Correlation, Causation, Constitution: On the Interplay between the Science and Philosophy of Consciousness," (with Uriah Kriegel), chapter in The Constitution of Consciousness (2015)


"Free will, moral responsibility, and mental illness: The relation between mild forms of mental illness and competent moral agency," (with Michael Mckenna), chapter in Philosophy and Psychiatry, Problems, Intersections, and New Perspectives (2015)


"Prefrontal lesion evidence against higher-order theories of consciousness," Philosophical Studies (2014)


"Review of Elizabeth Irvine's Consciousness as a scientific concept: A philosophy of science perspective, by Elizabeth Irvine," British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2013)


"Awareness of unawareness: Folk psychology and introspective transparency," (with Shaun Nichols) Journal of Consciousness Studies (2011)

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